Month 7, Day 11: Friends

On the weekend I caught up with the parents of a mate who had sold their house and were moving to a retirement village. They had open house for the day for the generations of people who had enjoyed each others company to just come through that last time. His parents parents build the house some 70 years ago, that has lots of stories. I also had a visit from a lady whom Eliz and I both went to school with long long ago in a far away galaxy! It was 2 hours of mirth, chat and wonder around how lives evolve, the misery and all the ecstatic madness which in the end all works out.

Then today I drove up to Heathcote to catch up with friends I have not seen for 25 to 30 years. They live on a beautiful property hidden away in the forest with all sorts of interesting buildings, trees, plants and living areas. They also have a pet Donkey, good thing Missi ducked or she would have no teeth. We shared a few hours catching up on our lifetimes, a glass of tremendous local red and a wonderful home cooked lunch. I then took my friends advise and came home the back way and what a beautiful and fun windy drive, the signs are wrong the corners are not 85 max! The message here is it should not be a use by date on a life that causes us to look up old friends. If we liked each other a long time ago and drifted away there is no reason not to drift back on by, even if it may again be ships passing in the night. I feel very warm and relaxed after these experiences, yet another upside of tic toc tic toc.

Tomorrow to round it off a mate from again 25 plus years ago is dropping around for lunch! I would encourage anyone who is reading this to contact that person they always were going to but did not get to it, do it this week and enjoy the experience.

PS: Any help enlisting petitioners would be great, I have stalled at 18,600.

Pain 1/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

4 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 11: Friends

  1. Thanks for taking the trip to Heathcote to see us Pete. It was great seeing you again… hard to believe it was so long between drinks. Missi is lovely and the job you are doing for us all with the Dignity in Dying is fantastic. I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with politicians.

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