Month 7, Day 2: World Right to Die Newsletter

Hi, things just keep getting more interesting. I am finding more friends who are connecting from the past, and still find there are interesting and exceptional things coming up every day. There is also the mundane like, getting up to let out the dogs in the morning on a family share basis, and of course picking up droppings (I was getting lazy and Eliz has revved me to action).

I am also constantly overwhelmed by the notes, comments and support of all the great people out there who are looking for change. I intend to do far more in political contact, media, speaking, education, documentary, the corporate space and any thing else that comes up. Ideas and you leading as well are all welcome. 100’s of noise agitators is far better than the few.

Sometimes something extraordinary just happens. I was unaware of the publication below, have a read, Dr Rod Syme and then myself are attracting Global attention, maybe this will interest a few more politicians. Please circulate widely to build awareness for the petition the current number of signatures is 17,857 – lets get it bigger! Also don’t forget to submit a submission to the government, click here for all the information on how you can make a difference.

Click here to read the World Right-To-Die Newsletter.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 (chemo week) Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 2: World Right to Die Newsletter

  1. Hi there. Just got onto your blog after seeing the segment from the barossa? My hub and I so applaud and support you in what you are doing to give us the right to choose our final destiny. I could say much more, but won’t for the moment. Keep up your fabulous work! Regards Sue and Bob Klinkhamer..

  2. Hi Peter, I listened to you the other day on 774 radio with great respect, admiration and compassion. You have my complete support in your crusade to enable each of us as individuals to have the right to decide to die with dignity. As does Philip Nitschke and Dr Rodney Syme. It was equally admirable listening to Dr Syme a few weeks ago who calmly and intelligently discussed the topic. Why are people so frightened of it? Why should people suffer if they would prefer not to? Should I ever be faced with a terminal illness which has symptoms which I would find very distressing, let alone those around me, why should I be denied my humane right to not get to that stage. We all agree modern medicine can achieve wonderful things… but there comes a time when one must ask ‘what’s the point’. My mother in law, who had dementia, was denied food and water for over two weeks as her body was left to shut down… why was that ok???

    All power to you Peter…. best regards Sara Drozdowicz

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