Month 6, Day 31: In honour of Max Bromson a true crusader

Today I am greatly shocked and saddened to hear that Max Bromson has died at a time of his own choosing but according to reports his family and friends have had their phones and laptops confiscated while there is an investigation into whether they assisted his suicide. I spent time with Max in Canberra recently as we were supporting Senator Richard Di Natale tabling the Dying with Dignity Bill. He was a gentle man in a wheelchair with a family member lovingly pushing. He was simply in great pain at the end stages of a very long and difficult journey but still working to get the most from every day and minute. All he wanted was to help make his point in Canberra to support the opportunity for others to not be in his position. By speaking up it appears he has now had the worst outcome he could have imagined, trauma for his family. I know from talking to him he had lived a full and good life but saw the need at the right time to have a great end. I hope he got that wish at least. I really do ask you to all consider just how bad this is for his family and how you can stand up and help change the laws so this cannot happen. Rightfully get angry and act via petitions, submissions and any other contact leverage you feel of value. Also, characterise the absurdity of Dr Rodney Syme, who has admitted to assisting Steve Guest in his death 5 years ago and the Victorian Police have not blinked an eyelid. It seems the suffering and everyday mum and dads and families are more attractive police targets. I will still decide when, how and where I will die be that naturally or by my own hand but this current action raises the stakes!

5 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 31: In honour of Max Bromson a true crusader

  1. Dear Peter,

    The law will come down on your family to, as you are doing such a good job campaigning for all Australian to have the right to die. So be prepared for the assault on your family. Lets hope you
    have success for the law change.

  2. I really don’t understand why the so called law makers are having such a hard time changing laws so human beings will no longer suffer when they don’t need to!

  3. Dear Peter,
    Keep up your fight and things will just have to change…….as the previous comment I don’t understand why it is so hard to change a law when it is so obvious that most people want it to.

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