Month 6, Day 30: ABC Brisbane interview

I know I am getting very tied up in Dying with Dignity and maybe not enough of the human side in my story. Let me share yesterday, simply spectacular. At hospital for 8.30 chemo and ran like a dream, after all this time discovered hot pack covering tubes stops arm freezing and aching and for the first time used my right arm for chemo. Mental thing.

Then home, lunch and snooze with dog and at 4.30 off to RMIT with my camera crew and old best friend who has established Dying with Dignity as part of a masters marketing subject, brief is to increase public awareness and get the petition to 1 million. Dr Rodney Syme also accompanied me and I think my marketing squadron are going to do great things, to you girls and guys thanks and you know where to get me. This is a tertiary world first on this subject and hand claps to RMIT moving boldly on an important social issue.

I then did an interview with a lovely Queensland radio commentator, Rebecca Levingston on 612 ABC Brisbane. It is below and about 25 min but I think quite important to listen to as it gave the best coverage to date, and I loved the ending. 

This morning I called into the openline on 774 ABC Melbourne and spoke with Sally Warhaft as Jon Faine was sick. A good quick one just talking about submissions and timings, very helpful and blog has spiked. We are over 17000 on the way to 1 million! 

We also have the documentary going with about 10K in seed money and most probably 10K to follow, so it has started in earnest. This morning I received a delightful note from an 85 year old Americian who said his health was 10/10 and life enjoyment was 11/10 and he would like to contribute to the film, how great is that. The details for anyone interested are above in a drop down box documentary. We have a teaser film soon to go out and we will begin serious crowd funding and looking at high net worth individuals and philanthropic groups. Don’t need to wait if anyone is one, or knows one who wants to help, a quick 10k-15K here or there would make enormous difference at this stage.

I have also had a lot of questions about our Dying with Dignity symbolic his or hers sterling silver adjustable ring, and the designer is getting close to giving you the chance to get one. I love mine, never off my finger and generates lots of questions.Will be a great price and she will donate from each ring to the Documentary, everyone wins.

On a personal note people keep saying I am incredibly brave. I think not. Lying in bed last night I characterised it to myself a bit like the movie Top Gun. Ice Man was all logic, all win and incredible skill but low EQ, Goose was the ultimate wingman, fun, protective, stable, reliable and not thinking to far ahead low IQ, Maverick was a blend and guess who got the goal across the line. So it is not about being brave it is about a blend of a life time of trying out the shoes of those 3 and ending as Maverick, I do however have my own blend called Shorty.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

6 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 30: ABC Brisbane interview

  1. Still following you with great interest and always look forward to your emails……although I don’t like the title…….keep up the spirits because you just never know 👍

  2. Both Excellent interviews…….especially the QLD interview, well done, you say your not Brave?……you are a huge inspiration Shorty…….Be Good.

  3. Like you mentioned in the very good, easy listening Queensland abc interview, the Naphine government have shut down the issue of DWD. After about eight weeks, I got a reply to an email addressed to Premier Naphine in which I pointed out how many of us want the same right to choose when to die as you do. The response from the Premier’s parliamentary Secretary refers to a past Inquiry in 1987;the Medical Treatment Act 1988, and finally the shut down…the current Government has no plans to introduce any legislation on this issue.
    I have a sense( from a reliable authority) that personal beliefs are getting in the way of those who wield power, who ought to be reflecting the views of the majority.
    We shall not be shut down while you and the majority of us work towards freedom of choice.

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