Month 6, Day 27: Weekend Today interview Healthiest Dying Man Alive

In the Barossa Valley for a 4-day weekend with Elizabeth and we got tracked down by Channel 9 for an interview on Weekend Today this morning.

Click here to watch the interview.

Early start and a freezing cold morning but we saw a spectacular sunrise.

Please keep spreading the word on the petition and submission.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

7 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 27: Weekend Today interview Healthiest Dying Man Alive

  1. I was lucky enough to see you and Elizabeth on the morning show Peter. I c
    ouldnt believe you were in the Barossa. You are one amazing man. Miss your smiling face. I have signed the petition and wish you all the best with this quest you have undertaken. Love Deb Curtis ( Coles Express Gawler)

  2. I went to my Lutheran church at Nuriootpa at that time this morning, but have just watched the video. Great job both of you, done with dignity and presence of mind. Incidentally, I started discussing assisted dying with the lady I was sitting next to in church, and her (conservative) husband has just brought me a (conservative) book to read! I said I will, on the proviso that he reads Paul Badham’s book ‘Is there a Christian Case for Assisted Dying?’ Seems fair enough, don’t you think?
    I am circulating your submission to all of my family and friends via Facebook, and others on my emailing list, urging them to sign the petition. Thank you for all your good work, and I pray that it may continue well into the future!

    • Hi,thank you for a great note and your help. I think a lot of gentlemen in Parliment are a bit like the man you sat next to shame you are not in Canberra? The simple fact that religious views are used to kill the bill so to speak is very annoying. I respect those peoples views but why should they hold sway over me. I don’t say don’t go to church. Also ignoring that if you do believe in God can people seriously then believe he or she would want the flock to suffer unnecessarily especially when next stop is a one on one.
      With a bit of a light touch,hope you are not offended.

  3. Hi Peter,
    In the past I have worked in aged care and I looked after my mother-in-law before she made her transition back to Non-Physical after being diagnosed with cancer.
    Before and even more after these experiences I have a very strong opinion it’s no one else’s right to dictate whether one should be able to end their life or not!
    Although it would be wonderful if this becomes a legally acceptable choice, at the end of the day I feel many people that are determined in mind, still make their choice of what they are really wanting to do with many in the medical professions that do help people in this way… just isn’t talked about openly, and it’s done discreetly.
    I’ve talked about this issue on my blog with, The right to life or death…..Whose decision is it??? and One cannot truly live….Until the fear of death has been overcome….

    I hope there is some positive change to our legislation, for this would make an already difficult time, easier without feeling there may be legal consequences for those that are left behind. It’s time for change, and I wish you nothing but the best in all you are wanting to achieve in this life.

    Kind Regards
    Paulette De-Har

    • Thanks, well if we just all keep pushing it will happen. Dumb thing is it is a when not an if so today is better than tomorrow. For Pollies it is a no brainer, most people want it, there are no costs in doing it and people will benefit from it. One day the minority who seem to hold power over this will be seen as what they are , usurpers of peoples freedoms.

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