Month 6, Day 24: 6PR Perth interview

I have had a few strong responses to the interview but that is life. The key point as I discussed with Senator Richard Di Natale this morning is the need to get consider debate and suggestion on the current bill. Are the safeguards appropriate, is it a workable act ? Then we can move to the discussion around should it be enacted or not rather than quibble over the wording.

Interview with Gary Adshead on 6PR Perth from this morning

Outside this my life remains interesting, full and bizzare. Eliz and I are going to the Barossa Valley on Friday through Monday then back for hospital chemo Tuesday. We have become astute in balancing activity around the cycle of chemo i.e. week 1 stuffed, i.e. next week, week 2 tired needing naps, week 3 OK and week 4 this one can put in a full day.

Having visited the oncologist today was also exciting. We had a long chat around Dying, the ethics and the future issues the world faces. He had an interesting lens especially around the history to palliative care and development of chemo through to the fact that moving forward it is Cancer and Alzheimer diseases that will plague us. What this leads to in terms of legislation like Dying with Dignity and patient instructions and how those are managed is a real current issue. The inevitable ? of how long do I have came up and the answer is how long is a piece of string? Will get another scan in August to see what the enemy inside is staging.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


6 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 24: 6PR Perth interview

  1. Thanks Peter for your determined approach and push to get this important Issue in the public forum and on the airwaves and TV screens. People are talking,and politicians are giving it serious thought. You have already achieved so much . Love the Barossa,have some fun with that lovely wife of yours .Robyn Lees

  2. Hi peter
    Saw your interview on today show today. I am and have been a strong supporter of dying with dignity. Nobody can understand this process better that those dealing with a terminal illness and the family supporting them. I do believe it should be a rite of passage that we can all have when and if the time comes. I have learnt this through personal experience and I can say with absolute certainty that it is a beautiful way to go. I wish you wonderful memories daily and absolute peace and serinity when your time comes.

  3. Saw your interview this morning and I’m sure you will get more signatures on the petition, I signed it and shared on FB. I hope you will stay well for a long time yet peter but when your time comes I hope it will be peaceful with your loved ones around you, gosh that’s not too much to ask.

  4. Just caught your interview on Weekend today and whilst I am not suffering a Life Threating Disease at present fully support your comments and commend you on how you and your family are approaching what the future will bring. I belive that our Government will eventually pass the Bill giving People the right to chose to end their suffering in dignity. Thank You. Alan Grainger

  5. Thankyou for raising this delicate issue, my heart goes to you and your family, great respect for the courage it may take, either way! Having lost 3 partners, approaching 70yrs, I consider this option on many occasions, not from sickness but the hollowness I feel on a daily basis, feeling broken! I wish this condition could also be part of discussion.

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