Month 6, Day 18: WA MP Alannah MacTiernan visits to discuss Dying with Dignity bill

Alannah MacTiernan Federal Member for Perth, Dr Rodney Syme and my family met today at home to discuss plans around Dying with Dignity or as Alannah sees it Your last Right. Unfortunately Senator Richard Di Natale was an apology due to the need to sit an extra day in the senate. We had a constructive discussion with the key conclusion being there is a need for a very coordinated process over the next few months to raise this issue in the public conscience, the media and on a national not state basis and ensure the Federal Parliament understand the need to address this legislation now.

The legislative clock is now ticking with Submissions by the  28th August , hearings in late September and the report on 27 October. My key goal is to live to be a part of it. Anyone who reads this can make a huge impact by taking the discussion up as broadly as possible, talking to their local federal politicians and helping grow the petition via this blog. It is only by those who usually watch on getting passionate that this will bear results.Tonights outcome in the UK parliament on Dying with Dignity will be quite instructive as well.

Below are a few shots to record what I think is a pretty interesting gathering. photo-8     photo-9

1 thought on “Month 6, Day 18: WA MP Alannah MacTiernan visits to discuss Dying with Dignity bill

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    Best Wishes

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