Month 6, Day 17: Choice as an option

So why am I on and on about Dying with Dignity and Choice. I am simply amazed now I am in the vortex of moving on, how exciting, liberating, calming and just plain right it is to know that when the time comes I have an option. That option enables me to say good byes and leave a warm, loving and inspired last view of myself to my family and dogs at a time of my choice. The suffering and pain is to me only the starting point for the Dying with Dignity rationale, the wake one leaves behind for the true victims, i.e. those who loved you is of as great, or even greater significance.

I find it exceptionally interesting to contemplate the options it opens up, what would be your last words to your wife and son?, it starts to show an adequacy gap in our language, good bye? I love you? Goodluck? I am sorry?…………..what are the words. Certainly a challenge worth great thought and one everyone should be able to consider. Many may choose not even to consider this, and natural process may be their choice.

It is fascinating however how Patrick Stuart, Desmond Tutu and The ex Arch Bishop of Canterbury are all now expressing changed views in support of Dying with Dignity as they think more deeply , as they age and as they are impacted directly by someone close. For me it is the same.

The lunacy of all this is such deep personal experiences really should not be needed. Logic, compassion and forethought should get us all to the same conclusion. The right to choose is a freedom we are entitled to and should all demand. More people are not going to die, simply more people won’t suffer. All it requires is the simplest of processes, common sense by our political leaders and a vote, why is this so hard when 80% of people are in support? It will cost nothing, safeguards are enshrined and suffering can cease immediately. Australia, 21st Century, models around the world, surely we are up to this.

Please keep driving that petition, it seems to have stalled…………where are the 80%?

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

5 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 17: Choice as an option

  1. My brothers and I were ‘lucky’ insofar as we had the opportunity to choose our last words to dad the night before he died – about an hour or so before his ‘treatment’ drip was changed to ‘palliative’ (read morphine). Unlike other stories I have heard, dad’s last 24 hours were a peaceful semi-conscious progressing to coma without any pain (once again fortunately for him he had, or at least never said he had, any pain his entire illness). Anyhow, back to the words…. We each said “Thank you” – Thank you for being a great dad, thank you for giving us a sense of place (which referred to his tremendous body of family and social history work), thank you for his compassion, thank you for his unconditional support even in times when he thought we’d lost the plot and than you too him and mum for providing a stable, steady and comfortable home for us to grow up in. It was hard to say all that – but he appreciated hearing it. He said he loved us and was looking forward to seeing mum and his parents. We stayed with him ’til he passed and I’m glad we did. I felt he knew we were there and I believe it gave him great comfort.

    I want to say ‘thank you’ to you too. You’ve been, and continue to be, an inspiration to me. I love your love of life and boundless energy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING. My life has been better for having known you. XX

    Pete, I totally support your quest to have the choice and to help us left behind have that same choice when our time comes.

  2. Pete, i just wanted to say i fully support what you’re doing after seeing my granddad die of bone cancer earlier this year i would know he would’ve loved to have this option before the pain took over his body. I don’t know you personally but i know your son and i know if i had to say anything to my loved ones i think three simple words would do the trick “i love you”. Because even though these three words and 7 letters are small but they mean the most no matter how much they know. You’re such a brave man and to leave this as your mark in the world is truly amazing

    your sincerely steph xx

    • Great advice. You know Mitch, lucky him. A quirk just for the fun of it , if Mitch had been a girl he would have your name, If your middle name is Pearl that would really crack me up. Thanks for the brave comment but really I just don’t know how to do it any other way so I think of it as satisfying.

      • Hahaha well atleast you have good taste in names and no not pearl but Louise, but good taste in names. What makes you a more inspirational person is how well you’re handling this, and the days must be getting gradually difficult- but seeing the silver lining of the small yet significant parts of your day is the best thing you can do and to me that’s not a quality but a strength too.

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