Month 6, Day 14: Why buy Boots?

Your future and how it informs your day to day. I went shopping on the weekend more because I just wanted to get into a bit of retail and see who was doing what. In the process I thought about how all the people were buying things as part of their future. In some cases they would be looking and dreaming of saving for something. I find the indeterminacy of a future time line quite weird. It makes so many things redundant.

The stock market was a hobby I loved, the numbers now and reports on company strategies is meaningless, the what might be possible just does not exist in so many things. I only bring this topic up as it is a part of this what I now find is a new normal, here making an impact but………………….

So in the end you ask did I buy anything? Yep a pair of black RM Williams boots clearly which will outlive me. But ever practical we had a dinner party saturday night and 2 friends tried them on and they fit both of them, weird in itself but true. I will will them one each!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

9 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 14: Why buy Boots?

  1. Love my RM Williams. Make sure Lefty gets the right boot lol. Seriously, I guess you would see the world a little bit different now. Take care Peter. Glad to see you are doing well so far.

  2. Hey Peter, August 22nd is coming around again and I am looking forward to it! It has been a rewarding experience being able to make a contribution to those going through hardship, was reading through some of your publications and I have one thing to say, you have made a difference

  3. I really look forward to your comments Peter. You are so positive, and you ‘go with the flow’ with what is happening in your life, instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Fabulous boots Peter! What would you have done if they had fitted Geoff too – one left boot plus one right boot divided by three friends??? You do the maths!! xx

  5. Wonderful night last Sat meeting tour ‘besties’ – thankyou. RM Willisms boots ….. food for thought – guess we can schedule the use???

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