Month 6, Day 12: Ex Arch Bishop of Canterbury supports Dying with Dignity

Former Arch Bishop of Canterbury has reversed his position on Dying with Dignity, i.e. assisted dying of terminally ill in the UK. Have a read and get excited, the world is really screaming out for change, we have a draft bill in the Senate for discussion so read with interest and yell loudly. Click here to read the article.

Keep spreading and the petition is a way. we have 13700 signed up. Best friends for dinner, got to go. (PS we will feed them, not eat them!)

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 12: Ex Arch Bishop of Canterbury supports Dying with Dignity

  1. From: karen colby ( Dear Peter, I am behind you 100%! You have not only grabbed the bull by the horns, You have grabbed the balls and are twisting. (please excuse my wording). YOU are going to leave this world fighting, not only for yourself but for thousands of others. Myself included if I find myself in a similar predicament to you. Peter why cant we as Australians vote for this on voting day. Why cant we have a box to tick? The truth is the government have no idea how many of us are out there… in favour of Dying with Dignity, and just one person at a time fighting for the cause is a slow process. I will keep sharing your petition on FB. But I find people are lazy and if it doesn’t affect me, I wont bother to go to the trouble to sign the petition… attitude!!! falls into place. Just make the signing as easy as possible, for the lazy ones.
    Peter I am following your blog. I support you and your decision. Sadly, I watched my 19 yr old son die, morphine out, mouth so dry from oxygen his tongue and mouth were bloody. His lungs filling with blood. Even though he was not conscience. It was still beautiful to be with him, in his last hours, while he took his last breath and to spend time with him after his death. You need balls to do what your doing. Picking the right time will be the hardest. I admire you. So if you back out at the last minute, you will still be ok, your loved ones will be with you and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. May your journey be full of love Peter Short. I will remember you and I am just one of the 13,500 that signed your petition. xx

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