Month 6, Day 6: Perth MP Melissa Parke and Little Creatures

In Perth with Mitchell since Friday. Had last minute f2f with MP Fremantle Melissa Parke which inspired me in terms of her support and preparedness to stand up to do what she can in support of Dying with Dignity laws and especially the current Federal Bill for comment. An amazing lady with a background in war torn regions and the UN shaping some of her convictions.

Mitch has not been to Perth and after all the rushing caused by tic toc tic toc I realise it is the first time it’s just us. Fantastic time in markets, cafés,maritime museum and Little Creatures brewery. Also had dinner at a close friends and unusual for Mitch to be my partner, gave me a new lens on his grown up ness. Unfortunately the host was so good we were babbling by midnight, but a stay up record.

Week has been good and chemo tiredness ok. Changing blog address to seems to be helping petition,plus a big text push to friends.sign ups close to 11000. Last night at dinner we contemplated the slow traction and the few ? raised on the blog. If people feel I need private space it is just the opposite, feel free to ? And engage.Makes it a better journey for all.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 0/10 Physical Health 7.9/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

10 thoughts on “Month 6, Day 6: Perth MP Melissa Parke and Little Creatures

  1. Hi Peter,

    You are to be utterly commended for your determination and your efforts! I was wondering if you had given euthanasia much thought prior to your diagnosis and if so what were your feelings about it? As someone who works in the medical field I have seen how important it is for an individual to have the right to decide to die with dignity on their own terms. But this is a belief I had prior to seeing the evidence with my own eyes and I wondered if it was something you only considered when faced with your own death? I think to effect change in the laws people need to become passionate about this issue and campaign for change when they are not unwell and when it cannot be argued that their opinions are weighted because they have a terminal illness. I myself am guilty of inaction and I dont want you to think for a second that I am not in total awe of you and your families efforts, i just wondered your opinion. Your journey and effort may be the catalyst that all of us “healthy, but too busy!!!” people need to get our asses into gear and do something!!!!
    Cheers to you,

    • Hi great points. I never was top of mind about it but always thought it was an option I would like. The issue is it is not part of normal discussion or law so never becomes part of chats with family and friends and importantly reflections. I hope we can change this for all.

  2. Hi Peter, I hope you and Mitchell are enjoying your stay in Freo. It was great to see you both on Friday. I am very inspired by our courage and determination. Looking forward to working with you and many others on this campaign. Cheers from Canberra, melissa

    • Our works for me, it takes some courage to stand up for this and there will always be naysayers. Balance and respect clearly the order of the day but there is a majority and priority thing buried in the middle of causing change.

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