Month 5, Day 16: Lets grow the petition!

Hi first a plea. I have looked through the 4300 names on the petition and there are 2 glaring opportunities. 1/ a lot of my friends using a very broad work and private net have not yet signed. I asked 3 and they said just had not gotten to it yet. 2/ lots of people have just one and sometimes 2 signed in adult families of 4 and 5. Pushy I know but I am 95000 short of target and am in Canberra next week with Senator Di Natale tabling a bill. All  now on steroids re signing would be hugely appreciated, assume everyone you know has not signed. PS big thanks to the 4300.

From a what do you do and how do I feel at this stage the answer is fine. The big chemo is 2 weeks back so can get through a full day for the next few weeks. I think there is a definite tic toc tic toc manic thing going on with me but I am not sure that is all bad. I am at Lakes Entrance booked into a motel having taken my dog Missi for a road trip. Hotel has me down as 1. Tomorrow we go over the high country to head home,not sure if I stay out one more night or not. The driving is fun and the reflection time valuable. Won’t get carried away but today was a combination of rivers, beaches, mountains,forests,sunshine,trees and animals. Right now also pouring rain!

Pain 0/10 Physical Health 8.2/10 Mental Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

A ‘Short’ argument for Voluntary Euthanasia

Month 5 Day 14
Have a read, a great interpretation of things overall I had nothing to do with.
Pain 0/10 Physical Health 8.2/10 Mental Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 10.3/ 10

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

Peter ShortPeter Short has oesophageal cancer. His condition is terminal. He is going to die.

Peter wants to choose how and when he dies. He’s not particularly afraid of the pain – he knows that can probably be managed by morphine – but he doesn’t like the idea of losing his independence, of being bedridden,  or of the last memory he leaves being of ‘ a’ scarecrow in bed on a morphine tube’.

South Australian doctor, Rodney Syme, has offered to provide assistance to Peter when the time comes, but risks prosecution for doing so.

Syme has recently admitted to giving a terminal patient Nembutal to allow him to end his life.  In part, he has made the admission in order to test the law and with the hope of setting a positive precedent.

Peter accepts that choosing to die before one’s ‘allotted time’ is not a choice that sits well with everyone…

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Month 5, Day 12: Quebec passes Dying with Dignity bill – Historic

Hi, Back in Melbourne and now with my driving license back, never thought I would live long enough to have that happen. After The Project I rang Steve Price and he is doing an interview with me on his radio station 2GB Sydney, this evening btw 8pm-12pm. Should be a good chance to get to a few Sydney supporters and I may be able to let out a great support surprise. I am still having a lot of fun and am relatively fit. My breathing however is showing signs of getting hard under exertion so the little oxy bottle is going to start being a feature. Mitchell is into exams so don’t worry about terminal illness, this is real pressure:) A friend has helped me create a Facebook thunderclap (who knew about those) to try and move the petition along, anyone with ideas how to change the game on this so I can get real numbers scale, and can do so would be hugely appreciated. I am also working with an advertising company based in Adelaide with London partners around what may be possible with a public campaign and funding process for it.

Click here to read an article which shows Choice at end of life is a real issue that can be solved, as it was in Quebec Parliament last thursday! Commonwealth country, lots of similarities and they have found a way to reflect in parliament what so many need. Choice for terminally ill patients. Well done Canada, please tell our politicians. As yet PM and Vic Premier have continued to ignore my letter too them, if you know them please give them a prod. Australia may be open for business but it is not a great place to die.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.4/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 5, Day 10: Reflection

Hello. A very sobering day. Yesterday’s media generated a wave of activity that was overpowering , amazing and rewarding. Old friends reconnected, my original chemo nurse who used to come to work super early so I could get out of hospital without a moment to spare got in touch, people with sad and desperate stories around cancer and no end of life choice made contact and the waters of the river of life flowed mightily. 3000 people visited the blog about 1500 signed the petition and it has continued on today.

I do hope all this does get to politicians and change can grind forward but it seems we are so poor at making the real issues matter, better debating leadership woes or union expense scandals or even the country hinging on an iron ore price under $100 a tonne

had a great time in Port Douglas and looking forward to getting home tomorrow. I think proximity is an important part of this journey, to things familiar and close, especially my cocker spaniel who people are now calling lassie.

Must be in a melancholy mood for a change, it won’t last. Lots comming up, thanks for the reads and posts

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 9.5/10 Physical Health 8/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 5, Day 9: The Project

The Project on 10 at 6.30 tonight screens Shorts Dying with dignity. Hope it makes a difference. The Zone article in The Age has brought record blog views and petition support. Online q&a was very interesting, some great?

If you missed the story, click on the link.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10 /10 Physical Health 8.3/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10 (got my car license back after 6 mths, thought I may never drive again but I have)

Month 5, Day 9: The Zone

Thanks so much for your interest. My story and rational is clear from the article link to be attached. If you care to learn a bit more about me the first blog sets the scene and the journey goes from there. I am asking you to take the issue Dying with Dignity very seriously and take action through support of my petition and the wider extension of it so real scale is achieved. I am doing this as I know the Pallative value of medically assisted death as a choice and whether I avail my self of it or not it is a powerful force.

My plan to create change involves coming publicity hopefully in both the TV and political space but it is each of you who I am really relying on. Don’t allow yourselves to risk getting to my late stage to say this is wrong, Australia should be as great to die in as it is to live in. Without change it is not.

I hope you find my journey and the introduction to my incredibly supportive family as a cause of comfort, thought or action. Don’t be sorry and stay in touch.

If you missed the article, click on the link below.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.3/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10