Month 5, Day 30: Tony Abbott and Denis Napthine responses to Dying with Dignity

Hi, Great day. I have had my chemo and the hospital team were fabulous. They wanted blood at the end, and the chemo entry arm was cold from the drugs and refused to bleed.  I had my first ever blood out of right arm. Challenged the nurse for a 10/10 re no feel and seriously she pulled off an 11. Imagine the skill to stick you with a needle, suck some blood and you feel nothing. Elizabeth and I then went and had a great coffee a Felischer’s, worth a try if you are a Melbournite.

Then home, am in Perth Fri-Mon with Mitch. A bit of dad and mate stuff. Also cousin if someone finds him. I have been rung by the office of both Alannah MacTiernan MP Perth and Melissa Park MP Fremantle today, both of whom I met in Canberra. Alannah MacTiernan is co sponsoring the Dying with Dignity bill with Richard Di Natale, for comment. They under their own initiative have asked to set up a meeting while I am over there. Very thoughtful and shows this is getting traction.

Below finally my response from the Prime Minister and though not a meeting it is not no! I thank him for responding in such a positive way indicating that this is a debate that needs to be brought out and had. At some stage I still wish to put my point one on one. I have put it next to the Vic Premiers response as quite a contrast in leadership styles. I look forward to the federal level now having real discussions leading to a real conscience vote when all are informed and passionate either way.

PM Response  VIC Premier Response 6

4 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 30: Tony Abbott and Denis Napthine responses to Dying with Dignity

  1. Totally underwhelmed by the – at last and carefully un-dated (as is the practice in the Vic. Govt. now) reply from Vic. Parliamentary Secretary, on behalf of the Premier. Fancy quoting a 1987!!! Inquiry – only 27 years ago, as evidence of investigation in to the issue raised. Rest of response skirts issue speaking of “refusal of treatment”… nowhere near the same thing as being able to legally decide to die, with or without assistance, at the time of one’s choosing. Looks like the Federal approach will be the best way to go.
    Best Wishes, Julie

  2. Couldn’t agree more Julie, just going through the motions with a history lesson and missing the point altogether. Clearly should be a national position/response on this anyway.

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