Month 5, Day 28: Senator Richard Di Natale selling the bill

Weekend Sunrise, well done. I sent them a note asking for a chance to give a terminally ill persons view as a follow up, so fingers crossed. Petition is going OK at 8500, a few new friends helping but needs lots more exposure. Hoping all the global lookers on the blog have a go, imagine if some more Chinese,India and Russian sympathisers could join in and use their networks to support the petition, some have.

Tomorrow our film maker is over for 4 hours of filming, we are making a teaser looking for funding from Philanthropic groups which will need to start flowing if this doco is to be made. Friday had a meeting with my oncologist who I love (PS as well as his office team) was really interesting. We had a long chat round what I was up to, his thoughts around it specifically and the complexity for doctors and patients around end of life. I learnt a bit more, was happy he did not see me going off on a tangent and then we got back to business around should I continue Palliative chemo or not. Elizabeths response was we did not come to talk about stopping and as it is not having debilitating effects he agreed lets charge on.  That was that, so into hospital Monday for the big dose, number 6. It means I have lived on chemo for 11 months in my life, quite a lot when you think about it. As a team we have now set our sights on Christmas but anything can happen.

Breathing is getting a bit harder and I am getting into starting to use my portable oxygen, a good look children get out of the way at least. Went to the Pics today with my sister down for a weekend just staying in touch, Malefecent…fantastic if you are into fantasy as I am. It features a world with pixies and fairy’s seems a cool place to be.

Pain/0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


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