Month 5, Day 26: ABC Radio National interview with Senator Richard Di Natale

Back to reality in Melbourne after a few days in Canberra. Achieved a great amount but still a long way to go. I had an appointment with my Oncologist today and ready for my next chemo on Monday.

Here is a video of the ABC Radio National interview from Tuesday morning with Senator Richard Di Natale. Now you can see another dimension of us through sound and moving pictures. 

My wife Elizabeth continues to support my quest on this important issue relevant to all Australians, she called into Chrissie Swan & Jane Hall on Mix 1011 this morning. Chrissie & Jane were talking about the reignited Dying with Dignity debate in their ‘Is It Just Me’ segment. It was great to hear so many callers support this bill. If you missed the interview you can hear it below. 

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 9/10 Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

8 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 26: ABC Radio National interview with Senator Richard Di Natale

  1. Well done Elizabeth. Pollies are so weak when it comes to important (to people) stuff. They much prefer “budget emergencies” and the like to argue about. Pathetic.
    What we need is for one of the major parties to be against it so that the other party will be for it, that seems to be how they work these days.

  2. Thanks Peter and Elizabeth for your strength and courage. Reading and listening to this today ……. You are my heroes!

  3. I feel very proud to know you both and see the strength and determination you are both showing to have this topic once again on the public agenda . Elizabeth,I have no doubt that even when Peter has gone,you and Mitch will keep up the fight in his name and for the many others sufferers who are to follow. My love to you both xx

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