Month 5, Day 24: My Dying with Dignity speech in Canberra

Today, I gave a speech at Parliament House in Canberra to upper and lower house members who attended this morning in support of the bill for Dying with Dignity tabled for comment by Senator Richard Di Natale.

To read the speech click on the attached document – PS Senate speech 24/06/2014


I was also interviewed with Senator Richard Di Natale on ABC Radio National early this morning and it can be found below.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 9/10 (it is Canberra) Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10


21 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 24: My Dying with Dignity speech in Canberra

  1. You Star! Peter Short. You, and your family, can be so very proud that you stood up and did the right thing. You actually DID it – not just thought about it. It is the right thing, it must happen soon – if there is any compassion at all left in our self serving politicians. Choice, it’s all about choice. Thank you for all your efforts.

    • Thanks, today I learnt a bit more about how hard this stuff is for many including our politicians. I think a laser focus on the real human improvement opportunity for terminally ill people is the key. Easy for me I am dying, harder to get the heatthy to reflect and say this matters. Today a few more may have.

  2. Just wanted to say Peter, I am in awe of your energy and giving nature at such a difficult time. I didn’t really have the pleasure of working closely with you at Coles but remember you to be well regarded by your team..What you are now doing for the wellbeing of people around you, as well as strangers, is admirable and will be your legacy. Well done! Didem

  3. Wonderful gutsy honest speech. Were there any questions and if so, what were they? And what was the feeling in the room like? Being 45 and in palliative care, I have the same sence of urgency as you do. Dr Rodney Syme is on my To Call list, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could just call my GP?

    • Great? Room was very interested somewhat somber but I felt a real sense of it is the right thing to do but how. Very busy day in the Senate but we had a strong turnout of senators and their key staff. This is not going to just happen but with people giving leadership like Sen Di Natale who Eliz and I can now not say enough positives about things will change

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