Month 5, Day 18: Road trip with Missi

Hello. My dog and I had an amazing trip yesterday from Lakes Entrance across top of Hotham in light snow and back down the Hume to Melb. 600K and 300K racing car windy. It was incredible going over the top of the mountains, in sunshine looking down on clouds and peaks and snow. Makes every day so valuable. I was a bit tired at the end as the dog hogs the bed in a motel and they are not that big! Mitch has finished his last exam and things are  OK fingers crossed, so  proud and excited dad at him making his way. I have made appointments with my GP who I love for later in the week for a catch up, my Palliative care team are coming tomorrow for a catch up and my oncologist is back from LSL so made a time with him next week. That certainly keeps me doctor informed. Looking forward to next week in Canberra and the Federal Politicians listening and acting. Eliz and Mitch and I are going for 3 days even though the Bill and senator/media bit is tuesday. Have a look a round and go see my fathers pic that was in the war memorial last time I was there.

Blog is getting great readership around 500 a day so I think it is adding value, certainly for me and people looking are from something like 20+countries. Also getting some great supporters helping expand reach.

I had an official response from Vic Premier Napthine via a Parliamentary Secretary Craig Ondarchie saying blah, blah and blah…”The current government has not plans to introduce any legislation on this issue. Thank you for bringing your views to the Premiers attention.” You judge him on that………… Strange thing is their office rang me 2 days ago, I missed it and then in 2 followup calls , leaving a message and being told they would ring back, which makes sense as they made the first call nothing happened. Maybe Vic Govt is just slow. Anyway my patience is thin and this response after the attention this issues has and needs is unacceptable. Feel free to tell them, 1 voice can be ignored but millions can not. Be one of them.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.2/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


2 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 18: Road trip with Missi

  1. Peter, thank you for so eloquently summarising the issue on behalf of all of us who are in a similar situation and importantly finding the energy to pursue the goal.

  2. You rock Peter and have rapidly become my hero. Thank you for showing strong direction on a difficult path.

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