Month 5, Day 17: 2GB Interview with Steve Price

Hi, this is the Steve Price interview which aired on 2GB last night. Steve has been a great supporter and I hope you enjoy listening to another dimension of my story.

Pain 0/10 Physical Health 8.2/10 Mental Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

7 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 17: 2GB Interview with Steve Price

  1. Good on ya Shorty just listened to the interview with Steve Price. I hope the pollies also listen to it.
    Cheers Dick.

  2. Fantastic interview Shorty! So glad I listened to it. I hope the outcome of this is a possitive one and very soon.
    Mia 🙂

  3. Wow just listened to your interview, with 2 amazing men ( dr Symes and Peter short) heading this crusade it won’t be long before it happens and not just be a wish for many people in your situation.

  4. Hi Peter, we met many years ago, Stuart my husband and I are very old friends of Leigh. Have a nice memory of dinner at the Flower Drum 🙂 I wish you every success in your campaign and I think what you’re doing is simply amazing. We also have two very close friends currently battling cancer and I hope changes to the legal system will come much sooner than later. Following your blog with earnest! Cheers Carol Brown

  5. Hi Peter, I’m following your blog and thinking of you each day. My memories of badminton at Tyrendarra and cooking good chilli have all come back. More strength to your arm and I will get as many signatures for you as I can.

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