Month 5, Day 9: The Project

The Project on 10 at 6.30 tonight screens Shorts Dying with dignity. Hope it makes a difference. The Zone article in The Age has brought record blog views and petition support. Online q&a was very interesting, some great?

If you missed the story, click on the link.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10 /10 Physical Health 8.3/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10 (got my car license back after 6 mths, thought I may never drive again but I have)

12 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 9: The Project

  1. Hi Peter

    I had heard your unfortunate news and was told that you were not letting in get you down. Having read your blogs, can only say how much I admire how you are handling it and using your positive attitude to make the most of it and champion change. You have my full support in the battle for the right to choose and I will add my signature to your petition.

    Keep on trucking!

    Ken Smuin

  2. Hello Peter and family,

    Your story on the project tonight touch me in ways that I has put behind me… mentally . My father passed away last year after losing his 11year battle with cancer. I have had many discusions with him about this issue and the right to control you own body. From a daughter I could only stand by my father and support him as you know what is right for your ownself. Its a very bitter sweet right as you want to do anything to find a cure for cancer and to have you family or friend here with us but at the same time you dont want them to be in pain of discomfort. I am so proud of you for coming out and tell Australia your story as hard as it. Stand proud my friend .

    Thank you


  3. Hi Peter, your mission to change this law is very important. Thank you for sharing your story. I watched both of my parents die in hospital wards (mum aged 49 and then dad aged 58) from terminal cancers, and they did not have adequate medication to ease their suffering because there were no palliative care beds available at the time. Staff in general wards do not have specialist palliative care training or the appropriate palliative medications on hand. (I now work in health administration). People with terminal illnesses need more choices and do not need to deal with the fear or the reality of an agonising death. With funding shortages in public health and an ageing population, there will be even more pressure on available palliative care beds and more people with terminal illnesses languishing in pain on general wards. I have signed your petition and am happy to help with this cause in any way. I wish you all the best with your mission. Tanya Carter

  4. As a palliative care nurse I see the fears that come with a terminal illness everyday. It’s your journey and only you should decide how you spend your last days Well done for taking the step to be proactive with your death. As you said we all have to die, we choose the way we live. We should have the choice how to die. I will sign your petition and spread your story. Tracey Roberts.

  5. Dear Peter,

    I had heard that you were ill but was told that you had recovered. So I was shocked and really sorry to find out today that the cancer had returned. I cannot imagine what you, Elizabeth and Mitch are going through, and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    You have always been one to make a difference, Peter – I remember how you initiated the letter drop to get our whole street lit up for Xmas so that “Santa could land his sleigh” and I remember all the excitement that generated for Mitch and Steph.

    I commend, admire and support your position on giving the terminally ill the dignity of choice. Be strong, Peter, God bless.

    Audrey (your old neighbour at #40)

  6. Dear Peter

    Oh gosh, watched the project tonight and was shocked and saddened to hear of your illness.

    You have tackled this horrid disease with your usual ‘ take the bull by the horns’ attitude, a quality I always admired in you, ever the upbeat Peter, my old boss the energizer bunny.

    How courageous to share your story and I hope when the time comes, your last moments are with the dignity you so hope for with Elizabeth, Mitchell, family and friends by your side.

    Stay strong Peter


    Lynne (your old PA)

  7. Have read the article haven’t seen the video just yet
    But you all of us from work standing behind you. I will sign
    This petition in support even though I’m on the fence about it but I understand
    the point.

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