Month 5, Day 3 Big Chemo, lost iPad

Biggest thing today was big chemo dose in hospital. I always take a bunch of roses, today long stem red ones. The nurse who filled me up is going to read this, thanks you were great, even when I panicked and the hospital was turned up side down because I thought I had lost my phone. Find I phone app, chemo orderly said give it to me, yep ,under the Chemo chair! I texted ABC also to learn the film and radio from their visit was played in a number of states last Thursday, they are sending a copy so I will load, I saw nothing of TV did anyone? I also had a great business chat with a business friend I am working with in London, that went well. Also lots of sleeping off the Chemo, hence why I am buzzing now and a great dinner with Eliz and Mitch and the dogs. Can’t say that is not balanced. Saddest thing I learnt a really close friend from Guam days has some big cancer challenges as well, love to Fred and Diane and Jen. On a bizarre note I only ever thought I would die twice when scuba diving, and both times Diane was my dive buddy, hole off the reef in Guam outside the harbour and blown of the edge of Palau in a drift. long fun stories of their own, don’t we have so many. Reflect!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10( chemo watch this one bounce back) Life Enjoyment 10/10


3 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 3 Big Chemo, lost iPad

  1. Good Morning Peter, hope the latest chemo is battling the enemy and that you are feeling good. Thinking about your email seeking ideas for petition expansion……. would there be any way you could get it up on websites of media you have been on… e.g. 774 Faine’s program, ABC TV……. if there could be a link on those front pages I’m sure that would stir readers along and increase the numbers. It’s all about visibility, isn’t it? Perhaps another short follow up letter to The Age with details of the petition? Local papers? Maybe notes/emails to late night radio presenters… there are many many people who listen to those. Best Wishes and keep up the fight. Julie

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