Month 5, Day 1: Should I write my story?

Wow into month number 5 of 9. No telling how far this will go. Today saw Xmen with my little sister, fantastic, not the guy eating pop corn and farting next to her! Intro clips have a movie with a girl wearing an oxygen prong and she says something like “i am a grenade, and when I go off I will do a lot of damage” it is of course around the waves her dying creates. Thats why we need to deal with things in the here and now. I have drunk lots of water today, now wine as it is after 5, because among other things in a busy day tomorrow I have to do a blood test pre the Tuesday big chemo. As always at Cabrini the best Hospital in the world, I am a bit bias. Last time nurse had to do 2 goes as I was a bit dehydrated, won’t get to prick me twice tomorrow. Spent today also polishing off my life story. Palliative care afford me a lovely lady, Francis anon who comes and takes down my verbal life time wanderings. It gets quite hard re is it a good idea and I am still toying with do I pass it to my family or not as I am plagued by the ? of how will they receive it, and could I make a post death misstep with an accidental comment or one that was expected but is not there. Don’t know. Thoughts welcome. Really big interesting week this week stay in touch.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


5 thoughts on “Month 5, Day 1: Should I write my story?

  1. Hello Peter,
    Regarding the verbal lifetime wanderings; I think its about trusting yourself to record the right things and trusting your family to feel the right things. Just do it I say.
    Potentially a big week here too.

  2. Peter –
    I just lost my dad to liver cancer this week. Witnessing his final weeks and final breath has convinced me further that the work you are doing here is of utmost importance. If you need an account of what individuals and their families DON’T want in their final days – I have one.

    I intended to record dad’s story for us to keep, and we never got around to it. Please do pass yours onto your family – they will cherish it.

    Keep up the good battle.



    • Hi Kara, it has been a while. I remember our chat 5 years ago when mine started. Really sorry to hear your dad had a difficult time. Focus on the bits that matter, as he would want.

  3. Peter Short, you have always been an open book. What you are in life will not change in death. Anything that you say or don’t say will not change how your family and friends feel about you. Your story will take another lifetime to tell and unfortunately you only have one. Wonderful memories will secure any “misstep” and redeem any omissions.

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