Month 4, Day 30: Cancer Council and Daffodil Day video

Hi, Below is a clip released by Cancer Council of Australia today on their web site. Strange how in my terminal cancer journey great things keep happening. In my past life running Coles Express/Shell, I had the joy of working with my team some 4500 strong, the Coles team some 95,000 plus strong, and Cancer Council of Australia to drive Daffodil Day as a major community fund raising event. In the past 3 years the Coles Express team and Shell have raised around 1.5 million dollars for Cancer support and research. This is before the many millions more the Coles Supermarkets team under Ian McLeod and Wesfarmers have raised over the last 5 years.

I wanted to do something significant after my first brush with cancer and this was leveraging the great work of Coles over many years with the Coles Express/Shell team. One must say however it is the customers who donate to really support everyone involved that makes the difference real. Thanks to you one  and all and please keep visiting our stores because the teams love to serve and help you.

The Cancer Council have honoured me by featuring my families story as part of this years campaign and have also involved me in asking everyone to think about a bequest in their will to help fund a solution to this insidious disease, that will be cured in my sons lifetime. As we move towards Daffodil day please think about helping and if you want to act today Coles Express Service/Shell stations have donation boxes on the counter in every store and they have huge things planned in the Daffodil day week so do come in and experience our difference especially Vpower our premium fuel. If cars could get cancer I reckon Vpower would fix them, thats how good it is!

It is interesting how having now morphed into a terminal cancer world with months to live, I  find myself advocating and fighting for legislative change around Dying with Dignety and the right of choice at end of life inspired initially by Dr Rodney Syme. Maybe it is just me, maybe it is serindipidy but I ask you to help. If you have a moment I would love you to see the raw and real me and my fantastic family……and a few pets and make a choice yourself around supporting change via the petition at the front of my blog or simply helping out with donations to Daffodil day.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11.5/10

16 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 30: Cancer Council and Daffodil Day video

  1. You and your family continue to amaze and inspire……have tried to spread your message….love the clip….The animals almost steal the show….nice to see Libby and Mitch too. Val R

  2. Hi Peter, I was impressed with your piece in The Age. It is only by agitation and publicity that we will all be able to make choices about this matter. I only hope I have your commitment and courage when my time comes, Keep well, Julie Smith

  3. Hi Peter,
    We’ve never met but I have heard a lot about you through a good mate of mine and one of your work colleagues, John Wood. You are amazing mate, what else can I say. Having had a brush with the “Big C” a couple of years back I know what affect that close call had on me, I can only imagine what you must be feeling and truly admire your strength. I wish you all the best with your Dying with Dignity campaign and I have had had a bit of experience in pollie world, so if I can help in anyway, let me know through Woodsy or my email addy. Chin up Peter. And know you have support out there, even from people you don’t know.

    • Hi talking to john today. I also got a call but am doing tag but at the same time a pro forms piss of letter from the same guy. Call will be interesting probably has not connected dots.
      Thanks for the help

  4. Peter

    thanks for everything you are doing to promote dying with dignity at the time and place of our choosing. Only a handful of people have done it, and for this I am very grateful that you have done it too. I hope that you continue to organise many special moments with your family before the inevitable decline. You’ve got such a great attitude overall that I hope it’s also helping them accept everything that’s happening to you and to the family themselves.

  5. Peter. Great video. Not too many people will pick up the ‘Go Well Go Shell’ bumper sticker with the Palau flag on your office file cabinet and the Continental Air Micronesia shot of you and Mitchell. Elizabeth is as beautiful as always. Hope all is as good as it can be for you as I’m at the beginning stages of the same journey, got a little issue with a stage 4 lung and brain tumor. Just been lucky to have checked the inevitable for the time being; living life to the fullest the best I can. Cancer Sucks!!!!!!! Nothing else to say to that topic. Good tidings, Fred and Diane

  6. Shorty great clip and as usual, every time you speak you make an impact on people. Well done on your candid and true to life story, love the no bullshit comment too!

  7. Hi Peter,
    Do hope you remember me during Shell’s days in Guam. While having a casual chat with Fred about his treatment, he told me that he will send me a video of you. You are an epitome of strength and courage and you manifested that so well in your video. I had no idea, rest assured you and your family are in my prayers. Elizabeth is as beautiful as ever. And your son is as good looking as you. I agree, having a choice is a dignity in itself. I will always remember you as smart, decisive and with good sense of humor. I would have hoped that this is not the way I would reconnect with business colleagues, but life has its way of surprising us. I lost three dear friends to different types of cancer in the last month or so, and I can only hope that mine will not return. Day at a time….. Please take care of yourself and love to your family.
    With thoughts and prayers,

    • How could I forget you, you and tania rang the place, the building move, Flores paintings and Latte stones and land sales!
      Thanks so much for the note, and sorry to hear you have had to go through one of these journeys as well but sounds like you are riding up the sunny side of the street, bet you make it.

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