Month 4, Day 29: Early ABC interview

Hi, Really great day. My old blog site finally fixed itself so I have left a redirect note. I had a fantastic visit to the Age building and worked through how they make a Zone article and associated multi platform media. Really interesting. I also have received the film associated with my participation in Cancer Council launch of daffodil day a major fund raiser starting next week.Some exciting stuff and will link it.

My old boss from Coles got a great write up in the business pages that made me feel good he deserves all the god press he can get.

The clip at the bottom was on ABC radio this morning. Gives some more perspectives on dying with choice. ABC have taken a lot of voice and film and will use it across platforms in coming weeks. Let me know what you hear and think.Have also moved the petition to front of blog for more support,I am told 100,000 names makes a cause for change.

As yet Abbott and Napthine are ignoring me …I expect at some stage they will see the wisdom of talking about a huge poor set of laws around helping people and families at their most difficult and vulnerable time. Hard to be respectful of such avoidance when you have months left. Get angry friends in a loud and peaceful way.

PPS Thanks Matt my super Blog trainer.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11.5/10

2 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 29: Early ABC interview

  1. It seems that the customs and AFP are conducting an harassment campaign to intimidate supporters of ‘Dying with Dignity’ movement and will target any vulnerable participants but their efforts will only serve to enliven the issue. Who is the instigator of this intimidation?

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