Month 4, Day 27: 3AW Interview with Neil Mitchell

Big day. Elizabeth and I got to further the discussion with Neil Mitchell around Choice and Dying with Dignity. We also had ABC come and do some shooting to be used in a piece in a few days and possibly on a number of platforms. Also had a chat with Change. Org petition campaign manager who is looking at ways to help. Finally a great chat with SBS who are sorting how they may get involved to help.

All that gets me to I am super tired and a bit shaky and we are going out to dinner with a close friend, in fact the friend who helped me edit my initial article in The Age, so I am off for a quick snooze. Enjoy the Neil Mitchell interview if you are interested.

PS The Project will not be airing tomorrow as earlier thought, I will let you know when.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8/10 Enjoyment of Life 10/10

5 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 27: 3AW Interview with Neil Mitchell

  1. My Mother died from Parkinsons disease, She laid in a bed incapable of movement, Waiting for either her heart muscles to stop, Killing her, OR, the muscles in her throut stopped working and she would suffocate, Killing her, This is after year of being bedridden and totally dependant on others to do everything for her,
    It was near impossible to hear what she said, It was very hard for her to talk, Her Mental capabilitys had not diminished with the disease, This woman was a very fit and capable woman before she got this disease.
    How would you feel, Laying inert and helpless in a bed and slowly waiting for a Guaranteed Death to come along, maybe many years away,

    Think of the Trauma and Stress that these people have to endure under these circumstances,

    Allow Euthanasia in exceptional circumstances, Like you are dying any way, and there is nothing no one can do about it,

    Keeping people alive at all costs, Is, I believe, An Insidious Form of Torture,

    Would you do it to your Mother, Wife, Father, Husband, Your Kids, Let them suffer needlessly for Years,

  2. Way to go Shorty, Choice is a wonderful gift and you are absolutely spot on for putting it on the Agenda.
    Whether or not we go with that choice doesn’t matter as long as the option is available.
    Your description of your choice is very precious and meaningful. As always passion and clarity.
    People are signing the petition and spreading the word.

  3. Hi Peter
    May Dad died from Motor Neurone Disease last year. He chose the time the place and who was to be there. He rang all his friends the night before.
    It’s a horrible disease and his biggest fear was getting to a point where he had no control or no choice. He gained strength from the fact he was in control.
    Dad was not scared of death just a little sad. He was 87 when he died and he lived 86 of those years to the full.
    Enjoy the time you have

  4. Shorty, great interview with Neil Mitchell. Passionate and driven people make a huge difference in society. Hats off to you, thanks for keeping such an important topic alive and in the public arena. Let’s hope the politicians start to listen to their constituents.

    Good luck with the launch of Daffodil Day next week, you have been a great supporter of such an important cause.

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