Month 4, Day 26: First day on new Blog platform

Hi Welcome to this new blog platform and please send it around. The other platform was not reliable.

A lot has happened in my bouncing journey towards Deciding when I will Die.

The blog has the Age story and the link to the petition. Feel free to continue to spread it. Moving forward I find my life importantly focussed on 3 things. My family and friends, Dying with Dignity and the goal of getting legislative change, and some commercial work to keep sharp. Point of this is to say my story as it proceeds will be a mix of these things as this is for me the reality of a terminal diagnosis and how best to end my days.

Firstly the Age kicked of a lot of interest. I will see if I can get the radio interviews up I did with Jon Faine in Melb and 6PR drive time in Perth. Tomorrow I am going into 3aw for a live chat with Neil Mitchell about 9.30, a bit nervous. Then in arvo meeting with the ABC and on Wed I expect The Project will air a piece they came round and filmed with the family. On Friday I am meeting with some politicians and a contact who is going to help me see if we can’t get something moving there. I have still had no response from the Prime Minister or the Premier of Vic to my letters and public request for a meeting, really sad that leaders won’t talk about what the troops need  to discuss. Have also winged of a good spirited not to Clive Palmer just in case.

Family and friends have been fun with the highlight being Elizabeth and I are just back from 4 tremendous days with our good friends and their 2 boys and dog, The Chazinator in NZ. The highlight being participating in a raging 15 year olds bday party.

On the health front I had some surprise news from the scan a week or so back with the results all being an improvement on the one in Jan. Nothing to get 2 excited about as the end is inevitable but every day counts so fantastic result.

Thats it for now, so glad I have a blog that works and please help spread the new address.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


1 thought on “Month 4, Day 26: First day on new Blog platform

  1. Neil Mitchell obviously deeply impressed by your story and your mission…..and he had every reason to be !!!!!!

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