Month 4, Day 6: Red Dust and Coles Express – amazing story

Today was into Cabrini for Monthly big Chemo hit. Process now a well worn path, key is drink lots of water day before so easy to whack into a vein. First a bit of saline, feels cool up your arm, then the stuff mixed with 2 other drugs ,one to help nausea and the other to just help. It does have a speed up element so quite helpful later in the day like now. This one feels cooler up your arm, then a quick flush and out.All up 2 hours. I took Chemo head section leader a bunch of white roses, pays top be on the good side of sharp needles!

Also booked in Monday for a CT SCAN Chest ,abdomen and pelvis. Should be good as it will give me a comp check on the January one. Good to let the enemy know, you know where they are, and what they are doing! I also quite like the scans, more about that Monday.

No responses to the Abbott request and Eliz also sent off a later to John Faine on 774, so still plugging to be an activist for Terminally Assisted Suicide. Keen to hear all thoughts for and against, and get a sense of am I talking to myself a few or a lot:)

The new Boss of Coles Express has led an initiative we started some time ago about making Coles Express relevant in the indigenous space in a meaningful way. We hooked up with Red Dust, great small team and the Daly River Community. Big things will happen but some team members worked with them and red dust on the ground recently, have a look at the film they made in the week there, is simply wonderful. key in the link

Finally a bit in the news on Coles and ACCC. I have to many causes but don’t believe the papers and don’t trust ACCC, they are bigger game players than what you find on House of Cards. If Simms was slightly fatter he would be Frank Underwood!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 11/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Engagement 10/10

4 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 6: Red Dust and Coles Express – amazing story

  1. Fully support your campaign after watching my dad go through it. Your blogs are very inspirational. Brenda

  2. Hi Shorty,
    Nice work on the roses:) keep those needle jabbers happy! You would probably be feeling like a pin cushion about now. Look forward to your next update:):):)

  3. Hi Shorty,

    I was lucky enough to head out to Daly River with Red Dust. Totally rewarding and humbling experience.

    Blogs are very inspirational

    Regards Brenton

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