Month 4, Day 14: Scan result good

Well well well, I have just chatted to Dr Des my interim oncologist and the scan news is all good. Tumors smaller , lung opacity clearer and wall thickening thinner. Bottom line is Chemo is having a good fight. This leads to the inevitable ? about planning ahead. Long and the short of it is story does not change but healthy duration may as the goal posts have changed, therefore keep planning ahead. Fisrt time I think I have had better than expected results, amazing.

On my current desire to work towards right of choice at end of life I met with Dr Rodney Syme at his home yesterday. Amazing gentle man who is passionate about bring change especially in Victoria as that is his base and the state government is responsible for the changes in Law. I committed my support in working with him and his supporters in trying to raise this to the forefront of debate to cause change. He gave me his assurance that he will support me in my right to choose my end of life process when the time comes. A very big commitment he is happy I make known.

Driving Choice at end of life is going to mean letters, interviews if possible, connections to those who can help and who knows maybe even a meet up on the steps of Vic Parliament house. Lots to do in this space and ideas, advice, contacts welcome. Current plan is mass mailing of a heartfelt letter, a trial to raise an opinion piece in the newspaper, contact with specific politicians , social media activity facebook and twitter @28short etc.

Another learning on this journey is the need for a plan. I find that as time is somewhat more precious there is a huge need to have a few weeks mapped ahead so I don’t look back having done nothing. It is about doing meaningful things. A few weeks back we were not sure what next but now have a great mix of overnights at Crown for Eliz birthday, a short trip to NZ, a short trip to Port Douglas and a few days on the Gold Coast. This gets me to mid late June and with some other commercial activities thrown in and the above campaign makes for a very satisfying agenda.

By the By the Blog site sometimes seems to crap out. If so just try again next day

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 9/10 (great can results get .5) Life Enjoyment 10/10

2 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 14: Scan result good

  1. Hi Shorty,
    I have only just discovered your blog (thanks to Roy sharing your post on FB) which is amazing. Fantastic to hear your news yesterday about the chemo results and that you have been able to plan some more trips, well done. Keep on fighting.

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