Month 4, Day 12: CT scan feels like warm wet pants, love it

So a CT scan. I just love the warm feeling in your pants when they pump in the contrast.For those who have not done it you lie in a big machine on a table that slides you in and out. Everyone goes from the room and then the machine slides you in and out and tells you to breathe, hold and breathe. After that a few times they give you a contrast drug and do it all again. The magic is the contrast is like getting filled with a river of warm Brandy and it seems to be especially sensational around the bottom regions, simply spectacular. Lasts 5 minutes.In my case as I have no real worry about what they will find, though it is sure to be interesting, so a great 5 minutes.
Also spent some quality time with a friend helping me on the govt relations and rooms part of Dying with Dignity. Have my draft letter now fine tuning and next steps.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

2 thoughts on “Month 4, Day 12: CT scan feels like warm wet pants, love it

  1. The rush of warmth is certainly enjoyable – perhaps that, as much as the pleasure from the relief of pressure – explains the smug satisfaction on baby’s faces when they wet their nappies. it’s the metallic taste in the mouth that I find alien and disconcerting.

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