Month 4, Day 11: Family weekend in Myrtleford

Just back from 3 days in the country with Elizabeth’s family and friends, doing another you never know, see you sometime. These are all strange magical days and the endings always seem incomplete but that is how it works. Lots of wood and fires in pot belt stoves around Beechworth, Stanley and Yackandander, Bright and of course Myrtleford, beautiful places this time of year, but the slight reduction in air quality from smoke goes straight to the lungs. It is funny how a change in own feeling re breathing of such dramatic proportions just becomes a new normal. In this world nothing causes fear or panic it is simply change and another thing to experience.

The Chemo early in the week is having the normal effect, mouth and lips go smooth and tiredness slips in, by mid week we will be through that, and simply manage with a few cat naps as I go. Cats are lucky so long as you are not ours, Speckle who like me is racing to a finish, naps are great.

Great to be driving up the highway and back with Eliz, lots of chatting and good fun especially since without a licence till next month I just sit there. Amazing there was a chance a while back I would never drive again and now I am negotiating with Mitch to get my car back!

As it was the last Mothers day for me I felt for Elizabeth and it felt it a bit special. Fluffy even went over and above with a home made card for Eliz. We all seem to try that bit  harder now in many ways, should have done so years ago, so take note!

Also had a text from a friend who attributes a spontaneous 1 week holiday to Bali with his wife to my coaching, tic toc tic toc…………beat the clock

Just done BBQ dinner in backyard with dogs to chat to , cool clear night and backyard pool and garden lights burning bright. Wonderful. Interesting week coming and a few topics I look forward to exploring see you then if you read…………….

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