Month 3, Day 28: Thinking about Activism on Dying with Dignity

Exactly 3 mths since confirmation

Today I read an article in the Melbourne Age amazingly about a Dr Syme and an oesophageal sufferer who lived in Point Lonsdale. He gave him a drug so he could die as he wished and is now standing up to the legal system, interesting article if one is interested in rights of dying people. I have strong views and think at the right time assisted suicide is a practical thing for all involved, the patient, their carers, their friends and the government/medical system cost. Interestingly as I have a bit of time I have written my first letter to the comments section of the age so we will see what happens.

What do you think the right answer is? Maybe we should become a voice for change.

Pain 0/10 Mental health 10/10 Physical Health 9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

6 thoughts on “Month 3, Day 28: Thinking about Activism on Dying with Dignity

  1. Hey Shorty,

    Love the blog. Good to see the progress meter ratings scoring high!

    Agree 100% with your comment about assisted suicide – after watching my dad incapacitated & dying with Alzheimer’s for way too long with an automated morphine pump keeping the pain at bay – got to be a better way…

    All the best – Mark F.

  2. Absolutely, it should certainly be everyone’s right to choose, and I think it is inevitable that this change will come. I know my father would have appreciated the option to end his suffering well before nature took it’s course. Hopefuly this case will ignite the debate again and be the start of that change.

  3. Challenge in some situations would be knowing when it’s “the right time”. But, on balance, I’d agree that assisted suicide makes a lot of sense.

    Ps – enjoying the blog & pleased to see your mental, physical & life enjoyment stats are in good shape.

    Peter Thomas

  4. Hi Peter

    I am full of admiration and respect for you as to how you are dealing with this and your passion to achieve as much as you can in a positive way before the ‘exit’.

    This blog is a great idea and really helps us to keep track of your journey.

    I agree re assisted suicide……one continually hears of stories where people live beyond their desired end point and they either realise it themselves or their loved ones know their wishes where they are in a state of not being able to express themselves. Inertia for change in society is probably more driven by the relatively few cases where it is not a clear cut decision and the ‘grayness’ could result in aggressive reactions either legally or morally.

    Love your barometer of your vitals!.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. For a subject that would not seem to be conducive to a humorous treatment see Allen Shaws passionate defence of Denny Crane’s right to an assisted and pain-free death in the last season of Boston Legal. It is a very serious and yet humorous petition to the US supreme court around the concept of an assisted choice of the moment of ones demise,

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