Month 3, Day 26: Anzac Weekend at Crown

What does one do over Anzac Day if its the last one. Well we went to Crown and booked in Friday mid afternoon saw a movie, had a great dinner at the Atlantic, Caviar as an entree as I had not done that before then a bit of Blackjack. Always a good night when you win enough to pay for the room. To finish off Devil Killer Sake at Nobu for a nightcap.

This is a good time to talk about that Movie, i.e. Bucket list. I think it has done the world a disservice as now everyone goes to what is on your bucket list and it makes people think they should have one and they should also keep adding to it. This can be difficult for people I think because all sorts of circumstances will in reality prevent most people from living out their dreams like Morgan and his mate did.

For the record I don’t have a list as I have had my fill in terms of many places, faces and things done. I also hate the cold and am not going near any mountain tops. As with the Cavier last night I will probably find a few more experiences along the way just to keep life normal. Interesting at the movies there was also an advert for an upcoming movie with a girl who is dying on a time line, eerily familiar as she was wearing a breathing nose tube. Should be one to see!

Pain 0/10  Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 9/10 Life enjoyment meter 10/10

1 thought on “Month 3, Day 26: Anzac Weekend at Crown

  1. Great article in The Age, Pete.

    Best of luck getting the message out there and stirring up support. It will take a lot of pressure before anything changes, as politicians tend to listen to the loudest voting segments, which for the time being means they kowtow to religious groups and the like intent on blocking freedom of choice in this area. I expect that trying to engage them with personal stories will only take the cause so far; beyond that it will take rallies in the streets from the masses – both the sick and the well – to really generate enough noise to be heard and taken seriously.

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