Month 3, Day 24: Palliative Pain

I was reflecting on the palliative care visit and thought you may be interested in the pain story. I asked why do people talk about pain and dying so frequently as I want one of those passed away with everyone and the dog around and happy stories. Response is that pain is reasonably easy to manage if done as you go with ongoing help.They even have drugs that can make you think you are breathing ok when you are not, one for me for sure. Anyway there is so much association of pain and cancer because of history, movies and most importantly a lot of people do not have access to proper care be it due to not having health insurance, beliefs or general circumstance  and yes some of them endure a lot. Bottom line is there can be a lot of bad outcomes but  in Australia there shouldn’t be…….get insurance!

2 thoughts on “Month 3, Day 24: Palliative Pain

  1. Hi Shorty,
    Your blogs are inspiring and it gives strength to someone who is in fear of losing someone…My mom is undergoing dialysis due to her diabetes to stay alive. Both of het feet were amputated recently due to complications. For me she is the most amazing woman in the world. I admire her courage in the face of extreme pain, suffering and threat of death. She will remind me that just because life isn’t easy at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t smile. Truth to be told,happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them, that there is no pain comes without a purpose.I will be forever grateful with her protectiveness, loyalty, encouragement, praise, warmth and love. I want her to enjoy the time that have left with her. I might regret if I don’t. I start telling her all our happy memories and all the good she has done before its too late. And I want to remember her life not her remaining days…

  2. PS1… are certainly an inspiration! Thank you for allowing us an insight in your journey and it is a privilege to have worked for you.
    Ps: ES1 has you’re measure, from the first comment on your blog 🙂

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