Month 3, Day 23: A Palliative visit

Have put out lots of texts to bring the blog into view. Feedback good and will rely on people power to spread its address from here.

Still all good on the health front, had a Pallative Care visit today. These are interesting people. As a terminal patient under care of Cabrini you get introduced to the Palliative care team. They are there 24/7 to address issues , liaise with doctors and basically manage the best quality of life during the trip and a pain free process and exit. So far I have had 3 or 4 visits. The first was all about assessing surroundings, understanding services and getting a drug pack for emergencies, exciting! Since then it is really just a drop in and chat about how I feel, eating ,pain (i don’t have any) oxygen level in blood, I was 98 today ,100 is normal and over 90 fine. It is an interesting process in terms of making friends and getting comfortable with them and them with the 3 dogs! They also have provided me with a writer so I am having regular sessions writing the story of my life, will go into that another time, the process not the story!

On life in general it is still just terribly exciting, I had a call from a software company based in Holland  today who want me to fly to Singapore for some initial meetings about consulting to them in Australia. Amazingly they had done all the homework on me but missed the reason I stopped working. Anyway always looking for an angle I agreed to meet with them as they are going to come to OZ and we will see what it is all about. Will be interesting to see what develops as the phone was pretty quiet when I said the one thing you need to know is I have terminal cancer.

I think I will start a sign off process that gives you a feel for my condition.

Pain 0 /10

Mental health 10/10

Physical health 9/10

Life enjoyment meter 10/10

9 thoughts on “Month 3, Day 23: A Palliative visit

  1. Lovely idea to do the blog, Pete. Thank you. I have long thought most people do not talk sufficiently about death, its certainty and the meaning it gives existence. As you and I have discussed, your attitude and quiet, gentle leadership by example over the last six years have been uplifting, and this blog is a continuation of that. It is interesting, I reckon, that so many espouse the notion of carpe diem but do not embrace it through action. I guess, there are many pressing practicalities that distract us and then many other things we allow to block us from being mindful and present. But it does seem there is a collective cognitive dissonance; people know the only certainty is death, but so many fritter time and opportunity. I know that when I waste time, it gnaws at me. Yet I do it. So, may your blog help people be aware and brave and spirited and engaged. And when do you want me to cook you lot that pasta? X

  2. Ten out of ten and a doggie stamp Pete, especially for job prospect and retaining sense of humour!!! Here’s my exciting new venture….knitting jumpers for Philip Island penguins !!! Beat that !!!!! Pity can’t attach pic….am sure you would find it scintillating! Val

  3. HI Pete,

    Love the idea of the blog, mum and dad gave me the details today. Sorry we didn’t get to catch up on tuesday! Had a great time in Stawell, weather was bloody freezing! I don’t know how you victorians survive in that weather. Was very happy to get back to the sunny gold coast. Keep us updated, look forward to seeing you next month. Love to Libby and Mitch…. kisses from Adam, Em and Cooper xxx

  4. Great idea Shorty. I have asked Kellie how you are going and this is ideal. Good to see pain levels are low and physical/life enjoyment are high.

    Take care brenton

  5. G’day Peter
    Mark and Carole McKeon here.
    Looks like I might have a slight edge in the Lonsdale swim this year!
    Didn’t swim last year due to a sore wrist..seems trivial by comparison to say the
    Least. Hope you swam a ripper time.
    Thanks for the blog. My mum is facing a similar challenge she’s had a great life but it’s still a very tough thing.
    We’ll follow your blog and hope your good scores stay 10 out of 10 and your pain score 0/10
    Mark and Carole

  6. Hi Peter
    Just shared this on my FB page – good stuff. We are so happy to hear you are pain free and in good spirits.
    Love from all the Mayers’

  7. Hi Pete, happy to see you are feeling so well, love your positive attitude as well. This is great as we don’t have to hassle you and can read everyone else’s blog as well. Off to Byron bay this weekend, johns doing to swim, love to Libby and Mitchell. Xxx John, Kate and Jack. Xxx

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