Month 3, Day 22: General story to catch people up

Shorty still hear and still feeling pretty good,

Thought I would do a catch up.

Since the clock started ticking a lot has happened. First the decision to do chemo, easy one as if it was too hard I would stop and if it helped I would keep doing it. Result is it has helped slow up the lung coughing etc and I think gave me a few months back. Good plan. Process is one hospital trip and bags of chemo mthly and chemo pills 14 days on 7 off. Tiredness is manageable and the odd arvo sleep very enjoyable.

I then had to sort family stuff, cars, bank accounts, wills etc etc. All done and dusted and that makes me feel very good. Then exit old life i.e. retire. I went out with a bang and the celebrations and general over the top stuff done by very many people was unbelievable. Also very exciting for Eliz and Mitch.

Then I was manic around time and needing to have a plan. As a result March was the do stuff month. I went to lots of states and cities with 2 mates and we had a ball gambling at most of the countries casinos wining and dining and having a lot of very interesting discussions. That trip ended with a highlight dinner at Nobu with wires and Mitch. That done we then had a great family trip down to Jills B&B in Phillip Island. Lots of family fun, some Grange and a relaxed togetherness. Then a fantastic trip to Lizard Island with just Eliz and Mitch. Lots of fun, sun, exotic location, helicopters, big boats and fish, turtles afrgottos etc etc. That pretty much blew the month though on the way I picked up a small consulting role under my terms to keep me commercially astute while I am still interested. Early April has been a bit about the consulting, catching uup with lots of people over coffees, dinner and drop overs and then of course easter. Just got back today but we spent easter at Point Lonsdale and said farewell to the Lonnie house. Great time with the Roberts and Men plus kids. Crays/ prawns and general excess. Also great to have the dogs down the beach and watch miss maybe for the last time race through the sand dunes.

So might leave it there, not sure how I get this site out but I am counting on you to please pass it on to all and sundry. Comments welcome

6 thoughts on “Month 3, Day 22: General story to catch people up

  1. Ripper idea this Shorty, and great to be able to keep track of you. Impressed you haven’t used the term ‘bucket list’ yet despite the fact that what you are doing is ticking things off it. You are a brave and wonderful man. May the chemo keep extending your time. Cheers.

  2. You could post blog site on FB….if you wanted more followers or groupies or fans or trolls or whatever !!!!!!

  3. Hello Peter,
    Glad to hear you are doing ok.
    As you know my father died of renal failure but lived his life pretty much as normal till the day he died. Sad in some ways but accentuating the positives, he had his memories and full faculties till the end. My mother on the other hand is physically healthy but dementia has well and truly set in. She could live for another 20 years with very little mental capacity. Makes me think Id rather go early with my memories in tact. I have no doubt that your memory bank will be over flowing. My challenge is to climb on your shoulders and learn how to maximise the generation of great memories before its too late.

  4. Pete, what a brilliant idea. At first I thought a wrong email and who’s this Shorty dude. Also pretty courageous of you to be sharing your inner machinations over the Web. I was so pleased to see you and dearest Libby at Ruth’s recently. I was also a little nervous as to how the conversation would run but you made us feel so nothing but inspired by your attitude and pragmatism in face of closing valley ahead. I have often thought if you since then and this blog is a cracker of an idea. I don’t thinks morbid but a practical and genuine way to tell us how you are feeling and state of play body wise. So “Shorty”, I wait for next blog entry and til then, you are a good bloke! Cheers your cousin Matt Walsh

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