First Blog – 16 April 2014

Hi, Shorty here.

I have decided to block out of the world as a way to both express idea, live in cyberspace and importantly maybe help those interested around meet a sense for the journey from child to husband to executive to terminal cancer diagnosis. I am finding it a very interesting and possibly useful experience in terms of thinking, looking at and confronting life from a whole set of new angles.I am primarily doing this for myself to assist me to think through and have a place to record some of the wondrous things that seem to have risen from the mundane.

Not sure how often of how long but 1 started day 1 of a best case 9 month expectance 2.5 months ago. I count the clock as month the day and my end date on that basis is month 9(october )day 31. Today is month 3 day 16. I hope this finds it to friends who are interested and it becomes and active, fertile and productive way of assisting me and others through the process. My first thing of note is to say I am doing really find though it is interesting my expanded group of supporters are at the stage of wondering if i am OK, what to expect, can they contact me etc. It is an example of the challenge that having cancer throws up.

Thats it for a start, I have a blog and I am loud, proud and by my standards healthy.
Also had a great day in Sydney doing stuff I love including wining at the casino last night


3 thoughts on “First Blog – 16 April 2014

  1. Shorty, always an inspiration, such an amazing man. I will follow your journey with interest and empathy for your loved ones left behind and always thinking “There but for the grace of God go I” ……

  2. Hi Shorty
    Have been following your campaign and admire your commitment to use your plight to expose the cruel nature of our existing laws. For way too long our politicians have stonewalled this issue and ignored the growing number of Australians who suicide – usually violently – and alone because they refuse to endure the pointless, undignified late stages of a terminal illness.

    Please take the opportunity to say that every single state and Federal member of parliament has the opportunity to introduce a private members bill voluntary assisted dying. It is a conscience issue, political parties claim they allow their members a ‘free’ vote.

    They need to be exposed and you are doing just that. The community (apart from the religious hard liners) applaud you.
    Marshall Perron

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